domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Family don't supposed to do that.

Cupcakes are my passion, I love everything about them and well I really wish that my carrer will take that lead and that when I grow up I have a cupcake bakery. Everyone who knows me, know this, and they also know that even when I love to bake cupcakes, there is still I need to learn about it, for instance I just learn how to make the perfect frosting and my signature cupcake recipe is still "in construction" I mean come on, I'm only in the first semester of my carrer.
Anyway the reason I'm telling you this is because, last week I made my first cupcake tower, themed disco, I was so exited by it:) but suddenly my illusions were crashed by my auncle's wife. The story was this: About a week and a half ago, my mom, her and me were going to another "not so nice" neigborhood of my city, in order to get cheaper party supplies for my auncle's 50yh birthday, they don't have girls so my mom and I offer to go with her, cuz a) my mom was paying for half of the party supplies as a birthday gift for him and b) she is for a differnet city of my country and would have to go alone wich is not only boring but dangerous; so they were we in the bus (you don't take the car there, no parking and you may be robbed) and she st
arted telling us how she did't know what to do about the cake for the party cuz everything was so expensive and stuff like that, about a month ago I baked my dad's birthday cake and decorate it and it turned to be really yummy and cute (no pics cuz they were on my now stolen bb) so one thing leads to anther and she ended asking me if I could bake the cake for my auncle's birthday. He and I have a very good relationship and I love him very much, so I was thrilled by the idea (since i wasn't invited to the party) so that same day I showed her pictures of cupcakes towers on the web and tell her I thougth it was a better idea since they have 120 guests and I have no idea how to make a huge cake other than a huge rectangle. She agreed, and told me the colors.
Then on thursday (like in three days ago) I spent 12 hours in my grandmother's house baking 90 cupcakes + a little cake, and then on friday with my bakery teacher decorating them with different color frosting. Then she arrived, 2 hours later and started saying things like: they are so small, they are not what I had pictured, etc, etc...I was shocked since I had sent her tons of pictures and she had not answer any of my inbox. Then she called my mom and told her, they weren't going to use any of it, and some lame excuses. Finally they used them and everyone like them, but the damage is done and I'm dissapointed, it wasn't the fact that they don't like them, cuz hey! that happens and I truly understand that I'm not bakerella, it was the way, the way the handle the sitiation and make
my feel that all my hard work was worthless, that they didn;t care and that I sucked on what I love.
Here's a pic for you to judge my wonderfull cupcake tower! I do like it and I'm proud of it! (the tower is white and she decided to cover it up with black paper, she did it not me)

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