miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Bus rides to life: Cupcakes aren't always easy.

I'm finally on vacations, so I spent the entire morning with my grandmother searching for cupcake boxes in a street far away from my house. Since a couple weeks ago I was robbed (awufully) and the thief took my ipod and my bb and threatened me with stabbing me, I'm a little bit paranoic (and by that I mean a lot). Ok you will see than in my country guys, well some guys seem to think that they can tell you "nice" things when you are walking down the street, I hate them! this like "hey baby" or blown kisses by really greasy men is not my type of thing and that's the whole reason I was listening to mi ipod that thursday morning I was robbed.
Anyway since I was going with my grandma, to this "not so nice" part of the city, obiously I wasn't listening to my ipod (ok my mom's which was given to me after the incident) and I could hear and see all the things guys do. At the begginig I was very cheerfull talking with her about this cocktail we had last nigth and all, but as the time was passing I started to get annoyed by every single little thing. You see, my city's mayor is the worst mayor ever! so the city is ruined, there are holes in the streets, workers everywhere, and basically mess and more mess, this combined by the fact that is raining a lot in my city this days, so is all wet.
Searching for the cupcake boxes wasn't easy, I almost did't find them and well fairly I didn't I have them costume made, but it was worth it:).
After a busy busy morning I come home to bake some cupcakes I have like "for homework" and guess what? they smell like they are burnt they look like that, but when I took them out of the oven they are raw...Like liquid in the center and burn in the surface! idk why and honestly I just quit and clean the mess up and ended up watching TV.

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